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  1. Jerry D

    ammo shortage

    My lucky day! I stopped by my parents house yesterday to borrow my Fathers 30-30 and found 11 bricks of CCI 22lr boxed up as pretty as can be, sitting in the bottom of the safe. I was told that I bought them back around 1985 and they have been there since. I didn't argue and brought them home with me. BTW the price tags from Farm & Fleet read 6.95 per brick.
  2. I see the Plinker Tactical mags are now coming with the tool that makes it a bit easier to load.
  3. I've had good luck with the Plinker tactical mags by rapping them a few times on the palm of my hand after loading it. I think it seats the rounds so they feed a bit more consistently.
  4. Today I shot 140 rds of Remington Thunderbolt 22LRs through my Plinker Tactical 35rd mags without an issue. I say don't be afraid of the Plinker Tactical mags, they work great. Jerry...
  5. After 2 months of trying to get my hands on a couple S&W 25 round mags, I ordered and have been waiting a month for a couple of mags from P-Mag. Today I went to the range at a local gun shop, on the way out I saw a couple 35rd Plinker Tactical mags hanging on the wall. I bought both of them for $26.99 each. I will see how they work tomorrow.
  6. I just pick mine up tonight after having it on order for a month....$470.00 + Tax. The best deal I have seen on one, since the Sandy Hook tragedy.
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