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  1. So I received an email from Sig that their .22 conversion kits are on sale $199.99. They have 2 for the 938 regular & target, thought I would go with the target. But they are both sold out............figures.
  2. I know what you mean, the same thing has happened to me. At least this time I waited long enough to get an HK MP5 at a decent price.
  3. Hello one fmc, good to meet you.
  4. Just picked mine up yesterday. Taking it out today to try it out. Just ordered a couple mags from Grabagun, they had the lowest price with the cheapest shipping I could find online.
  5. WD40 works well but I believe it is made of fish oil. I've been using Rem oil lately. It works in cold weather also.
  6. They remind me of Dan Wesson grips. Always had a soft spot for DW.
  7. A stainless Desert Eagle in .44 mag Colt Diamondback I bought every .22 pistol I wanted >:D
  8. great looking pistol Microgunner. 8)
  9. Oh, I have to get one of those. ;D
  10. I have to say, that is a sweet looking rifle! :thumb:
  11. Sorry to hear that. I have a .22 conversion for a P226 and a 938 in 9mm. I was thinking a 938 in .22 would be a nice addition. Guess I'll stick with the 226 conversion.
  12. A Tru Glo red/green dot. But the selector didn't work, I guess the elves where in a hurry. So it's on it's way back.
  13. Thank you, so far it's been great. Merry Christmas everyone
  14. I’m fairly new also and went by if you can post you’re in.
  15. I have to agree. I put a FDE MOE on my CMMG 22 and love the way it looks. (If you can say that about an inanimate object) Now I'm waiting on Brownell's to send some paint to get the mags to match.
  16. Thanks, it looks like a good site.
  17. RustyNut

    what colors

    As they say, opinions are like ........ everyone has one. But as long as you are asking. I like the looks of the lighter cooler. So I would paint both receiver and slide lighter. I think it would look good with those grips. Then I would paint the mag release, take down lever etc. the dark color for accent.
  18. He's talking about them going to customers. They are still being made. Palmetto has Umarex H&K for $250 if anyone is interested.
  19. Now that you've had it for awhile what do you think? Range report?
  20. Wow, those are 2 really sweet looking weapons. :thumb:
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