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.22LR Ammo for the Colt/Umarex rifle


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Howdy - I have a Colt M-4 with a Leapers 6x32 Mil dot scope. All shooting was @ 50 yds, bench rest. Started with Federal 36 grain plated HP's intermittently available @ WalMart in 375 & 550 round value packs. It works very well, no stoppages and excellent accuracy @ 50 yds. Best so far. Remington 22 Cyclone cycled OK, but shot to the right and would not group. Win Super X plated HP was OK, but had a few fliers. Win Wildcat cycled OK, but the target looked more like a shotgun target than a rifle target. Remington Golden Bullet value pack was a problem - a few jams & not so good on the accuracy. Golden Eagle Target - (made in Mexico) - was very accurate, shot 2 inches lower than the Federal. Just received 2000 rounds of BVAC - have not yet tried it - have read positive and negative reviews of it. Will post back with a review.


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Hi again - got out to the range and tried out the BVAC .22lr ammo I got from Cheaper Than Dirt. ($25/brick) I am impressed! It shot a little hotter and higher than the Federal bulk, so after I tweaked the scope in, I sat down to see what it could do. The center bull was 30 rounds fired just as fast as I could aim & pull the trigger. The 4 corner bulls prove the BVAC ammo is an accurate round! All was at bench rest from 50 yds.



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