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I think If I was in the market for a gun like that right now myself I would get the Ruger LCP. It comes in smaller, lighter and 1/2 - 1/3 the price and is readily available. I went through this with a friend recently and Im pretty sure it was that model Kahr. The ruger just felt better and smoother wherever we tucked it compared to the Kahr.

You can try the ruger while you locate the Kahr. You can ditch the Ruger if you dont like it when the Kahr becomes more readily available. jmho

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Well, like I said, I already own the KelTec P3AT which the Ruger LCP is almost an exact copy of. The Kahr P380 is actually smaller than either of these pistols, has the same capicity but is a couple of ounces heavier. My KelTec works just fine but being a gun guy I'm always looking for an excuse to buy something interesting. But if it's not an improvement why bother. I'll have to study on this further. Thanks.

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