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Aguila "Super Colibri" - SUPER QUIET!


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Went to the gun show in Richmond (Va.) Saturday and bought a box of Aguila .22 l.r. "super Colibri" ammo. They are propelled by PRIMER ONLY, and have a 20 grain bullet that travels at 500 fps. I am AMAZED at how quiet these things are! NOT as loud as a pellet gun! At 25 yds. they shoot perfectly straight from my Colt M4 Carbine. They will NOT cycle the bolt on a semi-auto (at all). Some of the CB ammo I was using to blast critters in my yard were periodically kicking-back the bolt, causing jams, but the Colibri does not. You just have to manually cycle the bolt. They feed from the magazine just fine. I did stretch the spring a bit on my EXTRACTOR to help with pulling-out the empties from the chamber. The Colt really has a piss-poor extractor that needs a LOT more tension on it! These rounds also penetrate unbelievably well considering what they are. So, if you need QUIET shooting, give these things a SHOT!

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Just an FYI,

Colibri does not recommend firing these in a rifle, due to the chance of a round becoming lodged in the barrel due to the low velocity. If it does, and you fire a round behind it, you risk damaging your gun.

Colibri specifically recommends that these rounds only be used in pistols.

If you do choose to use them in your rifle, ensure that EVERY round exits the barrel before continuing shooting.

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I buy these by the brick and shoot them in my living room. I fire them from manually cycled rifles into a .22 bullet trap and have never had one stick in the barrel. The audible "clang" of the bullet strike assures me it exited the muzzle. Scares the hell out of the dogs though. wobblinwheel is right, my RWS Diana 52 pellet rifle is much louder.

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