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Beretta U22 NEOS


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I have had one for about 2 years. I thought it would be a good substitute for a Ruger MK II, that everyone seems to have.

My Dad who is the coolest, took me to the shop where he had already paid for 2 of them his and mine. (Yes Dad bought it for me)  :thumb: We have put quite literaly 10000 rounds easy between these guns.

When using cheap bulk box ammo it needs a quick cleaning after about 300 rounds. Usually little more than a toothbrush with some Remoil on the ramp and bolt and you are back in bussiness.

Accuracy and reliability are second to none.  I highly recomend the NEOS   

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Like I said in my intoduction, I enjoy shooting with my Daughters. Here is my young one in action. She is sliding back on the rest but she has good hand positioning. She is quite a good shot and has a few targets stuck on her bedroom wall to show off. I figure it can only stand to help out with controling the young boys  :thumb:


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Cyclone I hate to bust your bubble but nothing helps in controlling young boys or girls. I speak from experience my own daughter who is in her 30s now drove me crazy. Then I go and married a women 9 years younger than me with a teenage daughter, what was I thinking!

However, if you're as close as it appears to your daughters it will all work out in the long run and you'll probably end up with a couple of extra shooting buddies.

Still cleaning guns when the boys show up for the first date sends a clear message without you having to say anything. Sharpening large non-kitchen knives works also.

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I hear you AMMO SMURF, I have an older one in High School and dating. We took him along shooting on Labor day weekend, he did very well. I am quick to point out my access to heavy equipment and property no one travels. I cant scare him away.

Keep your freinds close and your Daughters Boyfreinds closer   

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That looks similar to the 87. Whats the difference?

The mod 87 has an aluminum barrel shroud and double action trigger. The mod 89's barrel is milled from a solid steel monobloc and has a single action trigger. The mod 89 is therefore heavier with a better trigger. The mod 87 has an accessory rail that the 89 lacks. The mod 89 instead has an underbarrel weight that is interchangable. Although I have never seen any additional weights for sale.The mod 89 is no longer in production.

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