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I just picked up a 522 for $469 and was very happy to see it came with a heavy barrel also. I never make a big purchase without doing my research and I am very happy my decision to get the Sig. I was originally going to get the new GSG-522 because I love the MP5 but didn't like the fact that it was PITA to break down and clean. Also the fact that you needed an aftermarket screw kit because the original hardware wasn't up to par. My second option was to get an ISSC Mk22 because it just looks awesome right out of the box. Quad Rail, flip up sights and it looks like a Scar...What's not to like? Well, from what i read is that it can be picky with the ammo it eats, the rail screws with start to back out after 500Rd's and will need to be secured with Loctite, and the stock tends to break at the locking mechanism. Other things like crappy sites and hard to find mags was a turn off. 3rd option was to get a MP15-22 but I already built a DPMS Lo-Pro Classic and had a Ceiner .22 conversion for it, I didn't feel the need to have 2 Ar-15's. Soooo I decided to get the Sig, I won't mention any of the Pros's of the gun because they are so obvious but the I'll mention the only negative I could think of. It doesn't come with sights.... It was the main reason why I almost went with the MK22, but to me it was a small price to pay for a great rifle. I had an extra red-dot that wasn't being used on my DPMS so I threw that on there and were good to go. I'm going to get it sighted in this Saturday with my son and I'll post up an after range report. I'll get a picture of my rifle up also.

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This gun literally eats everything I put in it. I used Peter's, Remington Thunderbolt, Winchester Wildcat's and Federal Gameshok's. I had 2 rounds that FTF and 1 Rem and 1 Wildcat and it seemed to be ammo related not the fault of the weapon. 1 Rem was a dud, I had a primer strike that was off center so I tried shooting it again and nothing happened. Then I had one FTE out of the 450rd's I shot. I didn't get to do any accuracy testing as I was zeroing in my red dot and it was very windy today. I'm going to try CCI blazers text time out and possibly my heavy barrel. I want to get a scope and see how good this thing is at 50yards.

P.S. I didn't do any rapid fire testing because its forbidden at our local range along with no more than 10rds per mag. I could only follow one of those rules. >:D

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