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drop free magazines?


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the magazine seems to take some "effort" to remove from the rifle and i am wondering if there is something that can be done to make these drop free for easier and quicker mag changes

i am running the factory 10rd mags and also the black dog machine 10rd mags

any info would be greatly appreciated


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I heard this was a problem before I bought my 522. When I was looking at it in the gun store the magazine fell out of it as soon as I pressed the mag release. Mine was built 4/11 so maybe it was something sig had fixed in the recent ones.

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my 522 is pretty recent as i have the model with the "heavy" barrel included

when i remove the upper from the lower then insert the mag, when i release it, the mag drops freely

then when i install the upper and do the same thing it doesnt drop free...thats why i thought it had to be the gun/upper receiver and NOT the magazine... :confused:

from inspecting an insertes (unloaded) magazine thru the lower receiver with the upper removed, i dont see it snag on anything...but its hard to see where the magazine is getting caught up when the upper is installed

geezz, i want drop free mags...please help

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make sure the area of the mag latch that actually holds the mag doesn't have a burr or snag that prevents the latch from withdrawing from the mag. Do you have multiple mags? Do you have the problem with every mag? If you do it's the mag release and not the mags. I'd look very closely at the latch ''travel'' and insure that it is withdrawing far enough.... you know, the magwell alignment may be slightly ''off'' between the upper and lower causing a slight binding of the mags when inserted. A little filework would probably cure it if so.... Just a few thoughts.

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thanks ill look into that  :thumb:

edit: the mag was getting stuck on the opening of the upper receiver, it seems like the black coating they put on it caused the opening to tighten up and thats what was holding the mag in even after depressing the mag release, after a bit of sanding down i finally got the mags to drop free

but, since there is a bolt hold open feature, the mag still gets caught on the bolt when empty and in return still does not drop free :( but its still makes for a much easier mag change overall

im quite happy now  :grin:

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