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Acceptable Aftermarket Slider Stock

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When you say the "mount broke" what precisely does that include?

I have the CA retractable stock with the metal mount, polymer end cap, and steel locking/unlocking disc and it works quite well.  Not that I think it would hold up to "butt-stroking" someone in the head, but for the relatively light duty of stabilizing the GSG during shoulder fire it is adequate.

I do NOT like that the sliding stock rubs the receiver, nor that it tends to be quite "lose" when extended, but I DO like that it collapses without "doubling" the width of the GSG "package" as is the case with folding designs.

I have looked at ways to reduce or eliminate lateral flexing when the stock is extended, and the simplest is to add spacer material to the inside of the stock "collar" or mount.  This would also improve locking stud engagement, but at the "cost" of increasing inward friction on the receiver finish.

Another idea that comes to mind is to fabricate an oversized stock locking disc....the idea being that when the stock is locked open the rails are maximally spread against the mount collar, yet when released the stock goes completely "lose" without placing excessive inward force on the receiver slots...hmmmm, might have to try that one.

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