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Got my new ISSC MK22 today

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Here is the range report:

I took the rifle out today and, without cleaning it first, put it together in the field, including putting on the sights. 

I tried to use the Black Dog magazines, but those did not work with the MK22.

Here is what I thought:

1.  The rifle, being heavier than most tactical .22's, is a real solid shooter.  No moving or bouncing around with this item.

2.  The magazine that comes with the rifle is great. It is the easiest loading magazine I ever worked with.  All magazines should be like the one that ISSC puts out.  You can pull down the spring with two fingers, and it has marks on the magazine to show how many bullets you have in it. Very handy.

3.  You can put your handle to pull the bolt back in three different places on both sides of the rifle.  So, six different places to place the handle, from close to you like a typical rifle, such as the M-14, to the end of the hand guard.  I kept it in the middle. Cool idea.

4.  The adjustable stock works well too. Extends the butt out and the cheek piece up. 

5.  Comes with IRON sights that fit on the rail.  Peep in the back and U.S. type front sight, as well as being able to flip down the peep to get a normal pistol type notch as the rear sight with white dots on either side of the notch with a white front normal pistol type sight.  Pretty nice.  My son did well, but I see double on front sights, so I could not hit anything. I need a red dot.

6.  Trigger was nice and easy to pull.

Overall, great gun.  I did not think I could like a gun better than my Sig 522, but I certainly like this one just as well.  It is a different gun really.  It is heavier, and seems to me that if the Sig 522 mimics the .223 caliber, this one mimics the .308. 

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Ran into issues with my brand new ISSC MK22. Ran about 200 rounds with 2/3 being FTE.

Used CCI, Winchester and Remington. Went home and when cleaning it and noticed vertical bolt was laying inside loose. (what was causing the FTE's)

Also noticed small allen screws holding on picatinny rail were loose along with stock bolts too. Re-installed those with lock-tite.

Cleaned gun thoroughly and re-installed all other bolts tight. (had found the stock bolts loose as well)

Had previously tried several types of ammo and I was getting very annoyed and found Federal AMMO worked great. I installed 3-9x40 scope. Sighted scope in and started getting FTE's again?

Disassembled and noticed bolt was AGAIN laying inside. Cleaned and went to re-install and noticed threads were stripped.

I have made FOUR attempts to contact ISSC by e-mail along with the other 3 names they go by. Made several call attempts. No dial tone, answering machine picks up then hangs up.

I was trying to purchase the new piece (#39) even though it is under warranty rather than hassle and cost of sending it back. I will just tap it out and replace with a larger bolt.

This is one I would NOT recommend and will look foward to getting rid of it.

Do not even try to get in touch with the company. I may write a certified letter but why waste my time?

With a little luck they will recall the gun! (not likely)

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