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Range report - SW M15-22


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I took my new M&P 15-22 to the range this morning, plinking steel silhouettes.

Right out of the box, iron sights, I was hitting the little chickens at 40 yards 90% of the time.  When I took my time,  I was 10 for 10.  I put 10 consecutive shots on the big ram at 100 yards, took me maybe 8 shots to down 5 turkeys at 100 yards.  For the little chickens at 40 yards, I put the post on their feet, for the little pigs at 50 yards I put the post on the bottom of the belly, hogs at 77 yards I put the post on their back and for the turkeys at 100 yards I put it above them, top of their heads high.  I put one of my EOTechs on it for a little while, but that just takes all the fun out of it.  :D

I fed it 50 rounds of Winchester 36 grain plated hollow points (1280 fps), then ran a bore snake through it, then 50 rounds of Aguila 40 grain std vel, bore snake, 50 rounds of Federal Champion 40 grain ball, then the bore snake, then 50 rounds of Winchester Wildcat white box stuff.  I had one FTF, ,that was because I loaded 26 rounds in the 25 round mag.  After that I loaded 20 or 10 at a time and never had another issue.

Awesome, awesome weapon, I love it.  If you're thinking of getting one,  I highly recommend it, I doubt you will be disappointed.  I know I'm not!


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