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Mini Mag, Blazers & Thunderbolt


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as i mentioned on another thread, i was seeking to see how reliable and accurate the CCI Blazers were, in order to do so i also picked up a few rounds of CCI Mini Mags (the pinnacle) and Remington Thunderbolts (another cheap bulk ammo) to chalk up some comparisons

im not that technical of a guy so i kept it simple, loaded both my ruger 10/22 that only upgrade consist of an aftermarket AA deluxe target stock and a simmons 22 mag scope


my sig 522 classic factory stock, BDM mags and cheap TASCO red dot scope

targets are 50ft slow fire NRA pistol targets set at approx 45ft, no bench rest, i simple rested my left elbow on the counter the rest is off hand







on the above test there were no malfunctions of any kind...all ran and fired







on this test the Blazers ran flawlessly, the Mini Mags had 1 FTF (the cartridge bent as it was going up the feed ramp), and one misfire from the Rem. Thunderbolts

in conclusion, the Mini Mags is still top notch as far as quality 22lr ammo is concerned and that the CCI Blazers are damn near perfect, esp for its price point...it still remains my favorite bulk load, although i though i would be disappointed at the "lower" quality thunderbolts, i was still quite happy with its performance, esp for plinking purposes, any of these will do the job one just better than others

thanks for looking

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yes it did and it had no issues  :beer:

advice that was given to me by one of my local FFL employees was to always break my rimfire firearms with CCI Mini Mags...and after a few hundred rounds the guns should pretty much feed anything, and i also figured yea it cost more but its a chance im willing to take, i dont think feeding your gun with higher quality ammo would ever hurt it  8)

overall i was happy with the results...i really need to get a bench rest tho, my arms were getting tired

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Suprisingly, the Mini Mags shot about the same for me as  the Federal bulk. What  also suprised me was that the CCi Subsonic shot the best.

i thought some of the black rifles werent supposed to shoot subsonics cus it may not cycle properly? i guess i will also give that a try  :grin:

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For me and my Colt, Winchester Subsonics shoot more consistently accurate than anything I've tried. High-velocity bullets seem to get squirrelly after about 70 yds. The relatively heavy (40 gr.) bullet seems to fly VERY consistent, even at long ranges. It seems when a small bullet breaks the sound-barrier, then slows down, they tend to get erratic, and .22 High-velocity bullets seem to slow-down rather QUICKLY. Has anybody else experienced this? Or am I fulla sh--?

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update 6/30/11

Remington 597 45ft 30rds CCI Mini Mags $7 Tasco Scope



Sig 522 Federal Lightning 40ft 40rds Tasco Red Dot


Sig 522 Rem TB 40ft 40rds Tasco Red Dot


today i got to experience first hand that the "shooter" does play a big role even in semi-controlled tests, i found the trigger pull on the Rem 597 to be on the "heavy" side hence my poor shot placement and groupings

also, with the Sig, shooting a red dot 1x scope proved to be quite challenging, and with the REM TB i took more time to get the shots to get tighter and towards the middle of the target

with the SIG, all fed perfect, no issues

with the remington, having new mags, if i fill it with 8 or more rounds the rifle will have FTF, a couple of misfires and thats about it

any questions, comments or test request please feel free to let me know

i didnt have a chance to shoot the STINGERS cus i wasnt able to get more ammo, didnt have enough time..will set that up for the next shoot!

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