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AR Catch22 Bolt Catches

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Hey everyone, I just released a bolt catch that works with .22 conversion uppers. I figured this would be the place to get some good feedback.

The first three people to post in this thread will get a free piece.



What is this bolt catch compatible with?

It is compatible with:

Spike’s Tactical dedicated upper receivers

Spike’s Tactical conversion bolts

Ceiner kit conversion bolts

Tactical Solutions upper receivers - slight modification might be needed

Other similar Atchisson style bolts

We are working on a version 2 that will be compatible with Colt conversion bolts and

M261 conversion bolts.

Does this bolt catch feature a last round bolt hold open?

The bolt catch does not by itself, but Black Dog Magazine's V3 magazine has a modified follower that will give true last round hold open. With the combination of the new magazines and the bolt catch, the rifle will function like a standard AR-15.

This will not work with full auto rifles

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we will ship anywhere you would like. International shipping is $4 a piece.

This bolt catch is only compatible with .22 conversions. In the future we will be coming out with a dual caliber version but it's still a ways out.


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Guess what arrived in the mail today? Two days after I posted.

Now that's a man who wants to do business.

The 22 catch is very professionally made and finished.

I haven't installed it yet but will and will post photos of the install when I do.

Some photos now.

Thanks Catch 22.  :thumb:





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  • 2 years later...

Resurrecting an old thread.

I didn't install the Catch22 that I was given, including postage, thank you again BTW, because my only AR22 is a CMMG Sierra 22lr upper that I use with my S&W M&P15T rifle and installing the Catch 22 would've prevented me from using the rifle's center fire upper.

This week I purchased a complete Spike's Tactical lower that will be dedicated to the CMMG 22 upper so this was my opportunity to install the 22 bolt catch.

I did just that this afternoon.

Installation was simple requiring no fitting and the catch works like a charm.

It does not lock the bolt open after the final shot but is rather a manual bolt hold open and release device.

Something needed at the range.

The magazines for the CMMG hold the bolt open on the last round anyway but drop the bolt when you pull the mag out.

This device allows you to pull the bolt open completely, manually press the bottom of the bolt catch to lock the bolt back then drop the mag leaving the bolt open.

Releasing the bolt with the Catch 22 is just like any center fire AR.

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