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GSG-5 Lawsuit

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I have read on several websites that HK and GSG have settled the the lawsuit HK filed against GSG.  Apparently GSG is allowed to sell all GSG firearms already in the USA but is not allowed to import any more and is not permitted to sell any after January 31, 2010.

This does not apply to their AK-47 an dupcoming Colt 1911 product lines.

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Don't know.  This info was posted by an employee of American Tactical Imports.  It appears that HK is planning on bringing out their own 22LR version of the MP5.  I am not rooting for their success.  Coworkers who have dealt with HK reps are not pleased with their arrogance and sublime belief that if you do not purchase HK you are stupid for buying junk.  HK reps words not mine.

HK makes fine products but they are NOT the only railroad in town!

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Here we go

    As mentioned elsewhere, GSG has settled with HK. Per the terms of the settlement, importation of the GSG-5 ceased early last week, making the remaining GSG-5 .22LR rifles in inventory into collector’s items.

This will pave the way for HK to begin importing the .22 LR clones of the MP-5, MP-7, and other firearms. Production of these guns has been sourced to Umarex, makers of licensed airsoft knockoffs and most recently the Colt M4-22 clone 

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According to an email from ATI it won't.  They are finalizing some tests/documentation with the BATFE. 

I also read that HK got NOWHERE near what they wanted from GSG/ATI.  The only definitive public statement was the situation on the disposition of the weapons already in the USA.

If I was guessing HK got a "cease & desist" order but no financial settlement.

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