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Beretta ARX .22


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Beretta brings us their new ARX160 rifle chambered in .22 caliber. The ARX has polymer/steel-reinforced receivers, continuing the trend of their CX4 Carbines and PX line of pistols to implement ambidextrous controls to include the mag release and selector switch. The stock is both retractable and side-folding. The ARX also features a MIL STD M1913 full-length rail, and ships with Beretta’s proprietary flip-up sights, which lock down and are sprung to return to the upright position if they sustain an impact. Beretta is gearing up to produce the line in the USA, the major delay in introducing the design to the US market in years past; the best part of the ARX is that Beretta hopes to produce the platform chambered for 5.56mm, and 7.62×59mm (.308 Win). This model is so new that both actual overall weight retail prices were not yet available at the time of this writing, but most significant of the ARX160 is its incredibly lightweight. For more information, visit berettausa.com, or call 800-636-3420

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Looking forward to a range report on the Beretta when you get a chance. I've checked one out at a LGS and it felt pretty light and kinda cheaply built. For the price on them I woulda thought it would felt a bit more sturdy feeling. How much did you pay for yours?

I'm right handed but one of my buddies I shoot with is a lefty so the ability to change from left to right handed is a great feature that makes it worth trying out if I had the extra cash.

If you find yourself making any upgrades/mods be sure to post some gunporn. We are always eager to see what others are doin.


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I paid $550 for mine. It is indeed light, but a little front heavy.  My impression on build quality is pretty good and not at all cheap.  The charging handle can be removed quickly and moved on either side of the weapon. Unlike it's bigger sibling, the direction of ejected cases is not alterable.

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Really? I thought that was their big selling point was the ambidextrous charging and ejecting.

The ambidextrous ejection feature is on the upcoming ARX100.

I still have to get used to the weapon having no bolt release after it holds open on an empty magazine.  It will not release after the magazine is released and you have to rack the charging handle again to move the bolt forward.  I will have to play around with it some more to see if there are any other eccentricities.  Work gets in the way of fun.

So far, field stripping it is very simple and very quick. The buttstock sticks a little bit when adjusting for length, much like the SCAR, Sig522/556, but I suspect it will loosen up in due time.  I am also weary of the tab that holds the buttstock in the folded position.  Since it is polymer/plastic material, I am not very confident about its longevity.  I wonder how long it will last without shearing off or eroding from continued use.

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I think you can flip the ejection on the .22 ARX.

I looked at it yesterday in the shop. It appears as if the extractor can be moved over to the other side of the bolt, didnt get a chance to see how the ejector is attached, but it may be reversable too.

In any case, I'd buy one. Its a pretty nice rifle. I like the fact that the rails are metal and not plastic like the M&P. The rifle is extremely lightweight....seriously light weight. The stock remindes me of the SCAR a little bit. Easy to adjust, and folds like the Sig with a one button release.

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