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Firefox thinks Tac.22 is an attack web site!


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Dude Ive been battling this all night. Its reporting a few lines of code as malicious. Its worse then it appears. This has trickled back to almost all my sites and forums. Ive been seperating the forums from their respective sites.

I have actually found nothing wrong on any actual pages which means I have to muck around in the server.

Im sure this is SMF related once again as it only affected sites with these forums. This is the 3rd time this year this has happened.

I knew this was coming. At my guitar site there have been alot of bogus registrations. I google each and ever new user before approving but I must have let someone bad get in.

Im going to re evaluate all this and maybe host it on its own, maybe combine them all. I dunno.

Im open to thoughts suggestions.

Post them here or email me imschur@gmail.com

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Well Ive been at this all last night and today. Not much help to be found on the net. I have compared the code side by side with non infected sites. Its identical.

I have sadly blown away two forums that I created recently and those sites are freed up. Im really struggling with the problem on this one and at my guitar site.

Im feeling really beaten down.

I will never again host a forum as a sub directory of a site. Crap like this takes them both down.

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Now this is weird. Using Firefox with identical security settings, my laptop declares tac22 an attack website. My desktop doesn't........ :confused:

Clicking on a link, My laptop goes to the following:



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well my google webmaster tools account declares both this site and gearpedia.net as attack sites. Google searches will prevent users from coming here. I have a HUGE issue with them not having an "enter at your own risk" setting.

The sites I cleared up are still blocking access based on search results

Google has also emailed me. If only there system would tell me what the problem is and where it begins.

Im real aggrevated if you cant tell. Thanks for trying stuff

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I have found a few website scanners.One has been running here since yesterday. So far it hasnt found anything. My host still hasnt responded to my inquiries. Maybe they are lite on support during the weekend. Being a SMF charter member I can get support from them. They took a look yesterday and replied with some generic answers that i had already tried.

I do not believe there is any malicious code on the site. There is probably a javascript thats being intercepted and being redirected to a bad site which results in that other site getting a bunch of incoming links to some sports or viagra site.

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Someone needs to make a $50 website security scanner. The more i dig into this Im amazed at how much of this is going on and theres not much help for the little guy.  The products I have been finding are thousands of dollars or hundreds per month. You would think a company with a lot of money who controls searches would offer something for free.

The fact that they identify a problem, shut you down but dont tell you what it is or how to fix it is completely ridiculous

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