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which cleaning kit?


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I bought eveything I needed for my rifle this week (case and extra mags). I'm still undecided on which cleaning kit to buy. Should I get one made just for the 15-22 or one that does other firearms? I only have the 15-22 as of now. I may be looking into getting a Glock 26 to carry. I saw a cleaning kit at Dick's for like $15.

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The one I saw for $15 was a screw together rod style. I've read online that it's better to clean a firearm from chamber to muzzle. Any truth in that?

I decided on the Otis tactical cleaning system. It has brushes for most calibers, patches and a tube of Otis ultra bore. It was $50 and comes in a very small case, perfect for tossing in the gun bag before heading to the range.

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Absolutly, chamber to muzzle if possible.

Screw together rods tend to unscrew a little while pushing and pulling through the bore due to the rifling, exposing the bore to the sharp edges of the rod sections at the joints. Not a good thing, even with aluminum rods.

One piece rods or pull through kits only.

I have the same Otis and it's a comprehensive, safe and effective kit.

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Yeah,  the screw together rods are okay if you're careful. It's all I used for many years, but the one piece rods and pull through systems are better, so if I have the choice I'll choose the better.

You'll never see a serious competitor cleaning their competition firearm with a screw together rod.

Pull through systems also allow easier breech to muzzle cleaning for many firearms.

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