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Hi Point


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We've sold a ton of Hi-Points over the years with few complaints. That said I'm definitely not a Hi-Point fan. I just couldn't trust my life to the cheapest parachute made and I just can't trust my life to the cheapest defensive firearm made.

As far as a fun gun goes, a clunky old Hi-Point just doesn't appeal to me as entertainment.

But if a defensive firearm is needed and you're on a very strict budget, well, any gun is far superior to no gun.

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I have go defensive guns Spikes Tactical ST-15 and Mossberg 500. I also have lots of 9mm ammo, but only one SHTF pistol to use it in. I was just curious if the Hi-Points were any good. I'll have do some more research I'd like to know about the difference between 9mm brand x from a pistol and from the carbine.

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The Hi-Point .380 and 9mm pistols and all the carbines are mfg by Beemiller.

The Hi-Point .40S&W pistols are mfg by Iberia.

The Hi-Point .45ACP pistols are mfg. by Haskell.

All are distributed by MKS Supply who also distributes Chiappa Firearms.

They are all the least expensive firearms in their classes on the US market.

These  firearms have also been sold under these mfgs names in the past.

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