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Mitchell's Mausers-- Mitchell PPS 50/22


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Mitchell's Mausers is offering a .22LR clone of the Russian PPSh 41 sub-machine gun.  The PPSh 41 is the quintessential Russian sub-machine gun with the perforated pipe over the barrel and a big drum magazine.

The PPSh 41 is  vintage WW-2,  used in various  versions through Korea and Viet Nam.  The rifle was heavily used by the Red Army in WW-2 and captured weapons were favored by the Wehrmacht.  In Korea  a version was used by the Chinese and proved superior in close combat to the weapons used by the US and NATO forces.  Some of these sub-machine guns were also used in Viet Nam.  (Ref:  Wikipedia.)  Primary chambering of the PPSh 41 is the Tokarev 7.62x25 MM,  an impressive cartridge worth some internet research time. 

The Mitchell PPS 50/22 is the 'Gun of the Month'  in the April 2012 "Guns."  The description sounds like it is a copy/trickle-down version of the Russian rifle and not a 10/22 rewrap?  50 round drum magazine and 10 & 30 round clips.  Price mentioned in "Guns"  for their giveaway is close to $650.  Interesting but much too rich for my pocketbook nerve. 

'Call up' Gunsmagazine.com and enter the drawing?

If anyone has any more information it would be interesting to hear.

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The PPS 22 (made in Italy) has been offered by different companies over the years, all the same rifle from the same manufacturer. I purchased one imported by Puma Arms a few years back and it is one of the finest tactical 22s I own, although my metal 50 round drum refused to work.

I hear the new BDM polymer drum mags work as advertised.

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