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has anyone coated their rifle? i am looking at colors, not to give it away, and cerakote and duracoat are the top contenders. now i can prep the gun, but i don't own a sprayer, which i could buy, cerakote sells one on their site for $35, but my compressor is 26 gallon, is that too big for fine detail work? how hard is it to get right? how much do you need? if i have extra i will do one of my glocks, but i just want some first hand info.

on a side note, i contacted one of the "certified" cerakote guys in my state, and his response was to send a pic first, so he'll have an idea what i want, because he's unfamiliar with what i asked,(free float rail, matching receiver set  ) but he also mentioned recording the serial numbers for the atf….. and i can't figure out why?

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I have used Dura Coat several times, and am pleased with the result. Except for the super duper ultra matte that I used on a PK380 - it is so matte that it picks up minute particles of leather from the holster. I use an air brush and my 20 gal compressor, I simply added a second regulator to reduce the pressure for the air brush. I have some CerroCoat but have not tried it yet. Mr Smurff is correct, there are canned air supplies for dura coat, but I would reccomend the compressor for consistant pressure, especially for a big job. (long gun)

FYI, make sure your air brush is rated for the solvent used to clean up. My first air brush had all of the seals dissolve and dissappear.  :o

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good info, i don't have a sprayer/gun yet, but the sell two on the cerakote site, one for $40 and one for $300. if i do the cerakote, which i like more because of the color selection is far more specific, i will buy the $40 gun and if it don't clean up i'll toss it. i figure i do this myself i'll save at least $250

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