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Walmart Edition Sig 522


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I've been keeping an eye on the 522.  I wanted the model with the 2 barrels as I prefer the heavy barrel.  I put money down on 1 from my local gun store to order.  After 2 months w/no results from my gun store, I happened to stop by a far away Walmart and what did I see?  a Sig 522 with the heavy barrel installed, 2 of them.  and the gun came with the iron sights (which are metal) and the rails.  they wanted $500.  I bought it.  Just ordered some BDM mags, will post pics soon.  it did not come with a gun case (just a box), extended butt pad nor the skinny barrel.

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I like the iron sights.  they are a diopter type and you just simply line up the holes, just like on the HK CETME clones.  but I am really itching to stick a 4x optic on.  I noticed my sight block has 2 threaded holes on either side. what can I stick in there?

Looks nice! How do you like the factory sights? I've got a combo version (both barrels) and currently have an inexpensive scope mounted. The scope's not really easy to use for shorter range, quick-acquisition type stuff though.

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