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having trouble with my butler creek 25 round mag it always jams

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I compared my butler creek to a BX-25 and noticed the rear of the feed lip is squared on the butler creek, and rounded on the BX-25.  After using a flat file to round the back of the butler creek lip, I have had few, if any, problems.  The only other issue I've found is with the fitment of the butler creek mag.  It wiggles a bit in the socket, unlike the BX-25.  I usually find that pushing the bottom of the mag slightly forward before the first round fires takes care of it.

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The butler creeks also don't like the mag loaders for some reason. Occasionally when I load mine with the loader I get jams and I believe it is because sometimes the rounds aren't pushed all the way back. Then when they get down into the mag they drag in the curve. I always hand load mine for our Tac 22 matches.

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I've heard that sanding the steel lips on the BC mags with some 1000 grit sandpaper makes

them work better...so I did it on mine but I'm still waiting for my Takedown... Also, on the inner side

near the back of the mags there's a lip there in the steel, if you file that lightly with a small file it's

supposed to make the BC mags feed better.  I saw that in the rimfire section of canadiangunnutz.com, there's a sticky at the top about mods and advice.

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