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  1. Since I bought the Takedown model and it's a bit finicky with receiver-mounted sights/scopes, I bought a Skinner peep sight from Skinnersights.com, and I'm shooting way better than with the factory open sight. Plus that case they have holds just the gun and some ammo in tight spaces like under a seat...so you've always got the gun with you!
  2. :beer: Congrats, just found the time today to put the Kidd 1.5 Lb. single stage trigger, Kidd bolt, tac barrel clamp with sling sleeve and picatinny rails, UTG bipod, Kidd cocking bolt, Kidd buffer, and stainless takedown Torx bolt on my new Takedown 10/22. While I had the receiver empty I polished the interior with 600 and then 1000 grit sandpaper, then used Remington Dri Lube in there. The bolt will cycle like greased lightning! Can't wait to take it out shooting! :-)
  3. From what I hear the Kidd "trigger job" kit for $100 is supposed to be excellent, and half the price of a trigger assembly.
  4. Rugerhunter


    Fiocchi is Italian, and they have a very good reputation in Europe...
  5. :beer: Just bought a 1000 rounds of my favourite .22 ammo, the CCI Velocitor 40 grain...nice stuff!
  6. 8) Hopefully the African will give it a rest sometime soon...find something else to mess with...
  7. :beer: Congrats Ellie, that's a nice gun you have!! Is the silencer making everything quiet now?
  8. :beer: Thanks Microgunner, that's what I was thinking too, I'll get the VQ trigger assembly in silver, and take the black paint off the barrel band and make it silver as well...you rock bud! Smurff, I'm going to kill paper targets with my 10/22 as well as rabbits and grouse...near my home near the rockies is a couple of spots full of snowshoe hares and blue grouse. My 10/22 is going to share hunting duties with my 20 gauge semi auto Weatherby SA-08. Have an awesome weekend guys! :-D
  9. :beer: Very sweet, but you need to replace the silver rings with black ones to match the scope, or if you have cash to burn put a silver scope in those silver rings...
  10. I've heard that sanding the steel lips on the BC mags with some 1000 grit sandpaper makes them work better...so I did it on mine but I'm still waiting for my Takedown... Also, on the inner side near the back of the mags there's a lip there in the steel, if you file that lightly with a small file it's supposed to make the BC mags feed better. I saw that in the rimfire section of canadiangunnutz.com, there's a sticky at the top about mods and advice.
  11. Any of you guys familar with both the Hornet trigger assembly and the VQ? Is the VQ better?
  12. Hi guys, I'm impatiently waiting for my 10/22 Takedown to arrive, and I'm thinking I'll go with the VQ trigger assembly...so what do you guys think, should I get it in black or silver to match the barrel and receiver? I've got an aluminum barrel band coming so I can sand the black off it and make it silver if I go with a silver trigger? Opinions?
  13. Thanks guys, no I haven't shot it yet, they had to order it, should be in soon! I know the trigger is a weak link, so while I'm changing that I'll put in a better firing pin and ejector, and charging handle. Still can't decide if going black is best or if I should go silver to match up with the barrel and receiver...thoughts? You guys have an awesome weekend, btw! :beer:
  14. :beer: Hi everyone...saw the 10/22 Takedown awhile back and had to have one! Lol, so I've been looking at what mods to do and I'm looking at either a Volquartsen or Hornet trigger assembly, and whether I want to go black or silver, aluminum or poly? I've ordered an original aluminum barrel band off ebay so I can sand it to silver if I go with a silver trigger assembly or leave it black if I go with a black one. What do you guys think, with the top of the Takedown silver, does a silver or black trigger assembly look better? Also decided on Volquartsen ejector, but trying to decide on steel firing pin from VQ or a titanium one...opinions? Thanks for your opinions and great to be on the site.
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