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Recoil of 223 Rem and 22 LR


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The last time I fired a M-16/15 was familiarization training before going to RVN.  I have no recollection. 

Yesterday I took my DPMS Oracle to the range for the first time,  and took my 10/22 also.  I did some more ammo comparison with the 10/22  (pictures soon;  there will be multiple posts). I had not quite managed to buy a recoil pad for the DPMS,  went and did the initial firing sequences anyway.  No one ever says anything.  This is for those who do not know and want to hear something. 

My heavy-duty shooting clothing on a warm humid day was the usual T-Shirt and jeans (yes,  shoes and socks!).  My shoulder could not tell the difference between the feel of the Ruger 10/22 when it fired and the feel of the DPMS 5.56 MM/.223Rem when it went off.  Whatever difference there is in the energy imparted to the rifles is seemingly absorbed by the rifles and their operating mechanisms.  That is to say that both rifles make some sound that gets past the hearing protection (ribbed reusable ear inserts under a headset) and both rifles bounce a little,  but that's all.

For reference,  recoil of a plain 12 ga shotgun or my Rem 700 in 7 MM RM  is about like holding one end of a chunk of 2x4 against your shoulder and having someone hit the other end of the 2x4 with a full-swing baseball bat.  Limbsaver pads (or similar in other brands) make shooting these hard-kickers fun--  again.

Ejected casings from the 5.56 MM mostly flew into the preferred 3 O'clock-5 O'clock sector.  Some from specific loading's were more toward One O'clock or 2 O'clock.  Most ended in my fired-shell-catcher  but some flew in strange directions or angles and there were a few ricochets of hot fired casings all over.  One slipped into my shirt pocket and was too warm through the single layer of cotton against my skin!


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  One slipped into my shirt pocket and was too warm through the single layer of cotton against my skin!

I've been there as well.. ;D

I was at the range a few months ago, and a couple accused another guy in the booth next to them to watch his ricochets. One just hit my wife!!!..Just a hot spent casing.. :laugh:

I don't see a lot of difference between either my mini14, AR, both in 223 or my Kel=Tek PLR22 in recoil either. Looking forward to more of your observations.

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Before the days of the brass deflector in the M16/AR15, I had one go inside my fatigue shirt and under the t-shirt, I still have a burn scar and it happened at least 35 years ago.

My ST-15 does have a stronger recoil than my 10/22, but it is nothing serious.

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Loved a U-tube video where a girl shooting an AR had a hot shell casing go in her cleavage!!  Lots of fast action!!!

Garland Shooting range had some kind of fabric mesh between the shooting stations for as long as I know.  Still does on the pistol range.  This trip the fabric or screen-door grade stuff has been replaced with 1/4 inch hardware cloth.  EPA has been there and the changes are apparent.

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