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Co-witness Tech Sights (aperture style sight) with a red dot on 10/22.

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I wanted to be able to co-witness Tech Sights (aperture style sight) with a red dot on the 10/22.  I am using the OEM 10/22 sight base that has the 3/8" "inside" dovetail rail and the wider (weaver style) outside rail. I have a Bushnell TRS-25 micro dot sight mounted to the weaver style portion of the rail.  This is the key to this setup.......the rear Tech Sights  I have mounted are the one made for the Marlin 795 since it is made to fit the 3/8" built-in receiver rail on the Marlin 795.  Tech-SIGHTS Precision Shooting Accessories

The rear Tech Sight made specifically for the 10/22 has a base that is designed to screw into the two rear receiver mounting holes on the 10/22 so I could not use those for this application since the rail uses all four mounting holes, other wise they are the same. The front sight is the standard 10/22 Tech Sight front sight. I now have true co-witness with this 10/22 setup. I have bore sighted the Tech Sights and red dot and I think it will work really well. I will try it out this weekend and do my "real" sight in.


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Another option in this arena is the use of the NoDak Spud NDS-26 rear sight setup on your 10/22.  It will work perfectly with the TechSight front or you could use the NoDak Spud front setup.  The Bushnell TRS-25 work well, as does the Primary Arms mini red dot.  Here's the rear setup:


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Be careful on the rear sight w/ rail from them, if you're using one of their receivers - they have two different rear sights w/ rails - one for a Ruger 10/22 and one for their receiver (it's slightly different than the Ruger receiver).

NDS-26 for Ruger receivers.

NDS-25 for NDS receivers.

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If you're gonna add to a 10/22, just run a stock one and add what you need/want.  If you're gonna end up replacing everything but the receiver, it might be better off not buying a Ruger 10/22, and just building everything up yourself, on one of the NDS receivers.  Depends on what you want to do, brother.  :thumb:

I've built these damn things from a whole 10/22, and the only thing I still have that came from Ruger is the receiver and bolt.  Would've been better off not buying it in the first place, and just picking up a receiver and bolt, with all the other parts.  :confused:  Basically, if you'll be replacing the stock, barrel, trigger, and small parts, it might be a better candidate for a complete parts build.

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