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dept of homeland security


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Has anyone seen the news about the DHS has been ordering ammo there orders are in the region of 175 million all hollow points

Also the senators D NJ and NY have entered a motion on Monday to limit the amount of ammo you can by a month some say 1000  rounds a month

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The DHS is way out of control, we needed no more law enforcement agencies and we certainly didn't need an additional Army. Disband it now!

Schumer and Lauter do this crap everytime some deranged person mass murders people. Instead of looking into why they were driven to it, they immediately go after guns again and again. Then again they are from the 2 most anti-gun states on the east coast.

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Just remember...

DHS has to carry their ammo to my front door.

I get to stand on the other side with a belt-fed .308 and 42 ammo cans, and don't think for a moment I wont fill the hollow metal front door full of tannerite ahead of time if I know they are coming. The holes are already drilled in the top.

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