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what quad rails will fit m4 carbine


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Sell your C 4 carbine and get the C 4 Ops.......It will cost you more than it is worth to change over the Carbine to the Ops than it is worth.........I like the C 4 carbine because it is more like the 5.56  carbines and I don't like hanging junk off the pitcany rails like a Mall Nija.

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I have the M4 ops, and you won't find anything to fit it except airsoft accessories. Of course, airsoft stuff is pretty cool. I put a licensed Troy battle rail on my Colt, I can't see any difference from the actual Troy battle rail on my AR. I think the ops and carbine have the same receiver, so if you remove the front sight, delta ring, ect - you will get to a threaded receiver - airsoft rails should fit fine. Check some out HERE. Of course all I know for certain is that the Troy rail fits my M4. Do your homework. And a warning - if you remove your front sight, it will leave a great big hole in the barrel shroud.

Yes, the rail in the picture is an airsoft rail.


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6 3/4" 4 rail on my Colt........Used to be the two piece carbine guard.........There are bunches of the guards on the internet and most under $60.....Easy to install too..........................................My earlier post on this subject was a bit premature.


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