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Suggestions Please


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New to the site. Am starting to look around for an AR platform 22; want to buy off the shelf and have experience with the 10s & 15s.  I know that there are S&W MP models and Colt has them too;  prefering one that is just like the ARs.

Would like to see some users opinions, comparing which one works for you guys, the going price and who you would recommend buying from.


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Welcome M1911.

I've owned the Colt M4 OPS and liked it.

I've shot the M&P 15-22 and liked it.

But when I bought me CMMG Sierra .22lr dedicated upper I liked it so much more that I sold the Colt.

CMMG also offers a complete .22lr AR rifle.

There are other good examples out there but these are what I have experience with.

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As for the traditional AR platform, I have the M&P 15-22 and the Umarex HK416, both are very nice and a ton of fun to shoot.  (I understand the HK and Colt are largely the same rifle, both Umarex imports)

Slightly off the traditional AR platform I have the Sig522, which is probably my favorite tactical rimfire rifle I have.  Very nice equipment, great functionality.

Off the shelf rifles in 22 are almost lays going to be lighter and less realistic than a true AR-15, so the best way to get the true experience of an AR-15 would be to get a conversion kit or a dedicated upper.

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Welcome 1911. I have the Colt M4, and I like it alot. I shoot it more than any other rifle I own. But due to the difference between gas operation and blow back operation, the Colt and an AR are of course very different in the internals and some external controls. For example - the "bolt release" on the Colt M4 .22 is just a decoration. Most AR parts and accessories will not fit on the Colt without modification, unless it is rail mounted. The Colt uses an air soft receiver, and I found that air soft accessories fit it just fine.  :thumb:

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