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Back from the range !!


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Went to the range today with my colt m4 carbine . I Have 1850 rounds through it and not one hickup just rock solid shooting ! Shoot 550 rounds today from stingers to velocitors to blazers to mini mags and it shoot very tight groups of 1 and a half inches at 50 yards with a center point dot sight . Got board and set up some golf balls and shot gun shells for fun and they did not stand a chance !I love this gun . I'm glad I bought a colt  :thumb:

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I am glad you had a good day shooting....I need to get out and shoot soon............I really enjoy my Colt C 4......I have a red dot on it now and it is hot stuff from 0 to 100 yards for general plinking.....I generally use Winchester or Federal bulk bricks with a FTF now and then.....I run the bore snake with a little Hoppes #9 every 500 rounds or so and brush out the bolt face and chamber........Most problems occur from dirt and 22 cal is a very dirty ammo.

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