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"Scientific" explanation?


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After putting a 4X scope on my Colt m4 carbine, and NOT using the half-inch riser that I used to use under it, I realized I couldn't see the front sight in scope! (maybe a slight "SHADOW") The sight should block the scope entirely, but it DOESN'T. How can a scope see THROUGH stuff?? I'd love to hear a SCIENTIFIC explanation!

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From another forum.

"Re: AR15 Front Sight ...In front of Scope

Actually the front sight does block some light reaching the eye. The amount of blockage is the area of the front sight subtracted from the area of the objective lens. Probably a loss of around 20% of the light. . Since the human eye auto-adjusts for brightness it's not noticable at all. If the front sight were shiny it could scatter light into the field of view, but being black that is unlikely to be enough light to be noticeable. "

BTW, your keyboard must need cleaning - the caps and quotation keys seem to be stuck..... >:D

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Keys not stuck. Just putting EMPHASIS on certain WORDS! Sorry, I was educated in the "old days" when we had to write, speak, punctuate, and spell ENGLISH.( Boy, that wouldn't work TODAY, would it?) Back then, capitalizing whole words in a sentence denoted emphasis on those words, not YELLING, as it is considered to be in "cyber-talk" these days. I know, I must have some "catching up" to do! Actually the old ways were, and still are, CORRECT! lol, lmfao, imho, and all that CRAP! I'm still amazed at how that scope seemed to see through that front sight......

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