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Well, not much. You can change stocks, but they will be sloppy loose. A common mod is to shim the new stock for a tighter fit on the Colt's buffer tube. Pistol grips will fit, but you have to drill an extra hole in the top to allow the Colt's hammer strut access. You can get a thread adapter to replace the Colt's flash hider, this allows you to add on any AR15 comp, brake or flash hider. Of course anything that is rail mounted will fit. Also air soft goodies will fit. I put a licensed Troy battle rail up front and it was a perfect fit. You can also get a trigger job done - there is a guy in Colorado Springs that does a great job for $45. Just send him your trigger pack & it's returned in a week. Much better gun after that.


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Thanks Chuck. Trigger work was done by Bill Springfield, contact him HERE.

1. Remove front sight, which left big ugly holes in the barrel shroud - filled with JB Quick Weld, sanded & Dura Coated.

2. Trigger job.

3. VLTOR stock, shimmed to fit buffer tube. (Shimmed with a thick teflon tape)

4. After market pistol grip, modified to fit the Colt.

5. Bipod - don't get the chinese knock-offs - they do not last even on a .22. This I know.

6. Troy 11" battle rail, it is an air soft model, the mounting nut threads right on the Colt's receiver.  Got it HERE.

7. Leatherwood CMR scope.

I think that is the list.

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