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Practical use for "tactical" laser


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A few years ago, I decided to put a green "tactical?" laser on my Colt M4 carbine. Aside from it being on sale, I think I initially bought it for it's "cool factor" more than anything else. I mounted it using a 45 degree mount on my top rail to keep it out of the way. After sighting it dead-on to my 25yd. target in my yard (squirrel range, average), I had some fun knocking out the "glint" in their eyes every now and then. After the novelty wore off, I found I didn't use it much anymore. Well now that's not the case. Every so often, I like to "change-up" from "sniper mode" (squirrels out the window) to "combat mode" (general plinking and such). In combat mode, I remove my quick-release scope, and clamp on my Walther PS22 red-dot, remove the bipod, and go to shooting "cans", using red dot and sometimes flip-up backup sights. Well to make a long story worse, I have found the green laser is an excellent tool to ensure your different sighting methods are on target when swapping optics! Although so far I usually don't have to make any changes to any adjustments, it's nice to verify that the crosshairs and red-dot line-up after switching optics, almost like a built-n boresighter with benefits!

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