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So I want to follow a rule of thumb. As far as compatibility between the 22 cal Colt M4 and all other caliber AR 15 platforms the following is true?

Only equipment that can be fitted to the picatinny rail is compatible between the 22 cal Colt any any other "AR15" platform? No other add-on features are compatible with the Colt? That includes stocks, hand grips upper/lower sections. And of course any "guts" of the gun.


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Stocks - I currently have a VLTOR on mine -  any AR stock will fit, but they are a sloppy fit unless you shim the inside of the stock, not a big deal.

Pistol grips - just about any will fit, but - I have had to enlarge the mounting hole, and drill a second hole for the Colt's hammer strut, again, not a big deal.

Some extended handles for the charging handle will fit, with some minor fitting.

Different uppers, No - same for lowers - not compatible with AR uppers/lowers.

Internals, No.

Quad rails, No - except for airsoft rails fit with no modding.

I can post detailed how-to's if you need.


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Numerous quad rail hand guards from numerous suppliers will fit either using the existing delta ring or with adapters.....Price ranges from $50 to $150............I removed my carbine hand guard and added a 6 1/2 inch quad........

Thanks for the correction Dan,  :thumb:  I had tried one AR rail & it didn't fit, so I went with an airsoft version of a Troy Battle Rail. Looks just like the "real" one on my AR.

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My buddy gave me a Magpul "MOE" stock that came off his brand new Colt AR (.556, not .22), and it fit perfectly with no slop. The "Special Force Crane Stock" from Umarex was loose as shit, but I found a way to make it snug without shimming anything. The Crane stock is much more comfortable to shoot with because of it's cheek rest, but the MOE is lighter and "trimmer". The Colt/Umarex quad rail comes with an adapter barrel nut that would appear to work with other threaded rails. The one off my brother's DPMS fit on it. I also installed the Magpul "enhanced trigger guard" on mine with very little modification.

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