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715T Flat-Top Review - First time out


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Let me preface by saying that I have read hundreds of reviews and I am merely detailing my own personal experience.

My weapons experience: novice - this is the first gun I have owned.  I thought it would be a good entry level weapon. 

I choose this Mossberg 715T, because of the AR-style without the AR price tag [i paid $269.00 at Dunham's].

Prior to use, I did clean and oil the barrel; I did not "strip" the weapon down. 

I am also using the 25 round magazine, along with two 10 round magazine.  Although I did experience difficulty loading the 25 rounder, I did manage to get 25 rounds in it nonetheless.  {see my post on loading the 25 round magazine.}  The 10 rounders loaded easily.

I am using CCI - stingers and mini-mags.

Range Results:

I went to an outdoor range with my two boys who are seven and 10.  Let just say, our first experience at a rifle range could not have been better!  We shot at the Rose Lake State Game and Wildlife range managed by the DNR and there is no fees to shoot there.  The DNR Range Master was very friendly and helpful - he even gave my kids a free t-shirt!  So cool!

We set-up at the 25 yard sites.  We put a couple hundred rounds through the rifle with no feeding issues or fail-to-fires.  The sights were fairly accurate out of the box, but adjustments are certainly needed.  I did not take the time to zero in my sights as I was just enjoying my time with my boys, and we were doing pretty good as is.

Certainly a fun time had by ALL - and in the end, isn't that what it is all about! ? !

At this point I am VERY happy with my purchase.  I did clean the barrel once again when I got home.  Wondering if a complete tear down is necessary, and if so...when ?

For the price I think this is a really fun plinker or target shooting rifle.

I hope this is helpful if you are considering purchasing a tactical .22.  Feel free to email me with any questions!

Happy Shooting!


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Most 25 round magazines are pretty stiff to start with but loosen up with use. Try this next time you load it, place the base of the cartridge on top of the follower or top round just in front of the feed lips, push down enough to get the rim part way under the lips, then rotate the round as a lever, then push it to the rear.

Here is a YouTube video on loading magazines. It is for a CMMG magazine, but the guys I shoot Tactical Rimfire with have tried it on their different magazines and it seems to work well for all.

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Sounds like a great time for all.

Many folks tend to overclean their rimfires, I used to be one of them.

I now just give mine a quick bore cleaning after each session, most times. 

Detail cleanings I leave for those firearms that begin to malfunction.

I believe more wear occurs from disassemly, reassembly and over cleaning than from firing.

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