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MK22 restored


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Pardon me for reviving this topic, but I felt compelled to share the final product of my continuing effort to restore the MK22 to what it was intended to be in the first place.

In addition to appearance, considerable research and effort by myself and others at fnforum.net went into the internals to make the MK22 as reliable as possible. It's still a high maintenance gun, I kinda accept that for a .22 semi-auto. The blowback action means a lot of dirt to clean out after a hot and heavy trip to the range. I get excellent reliability up to the 250 round mark, then it needs a shot of solvent and a wipe down of critical areas ( breech, magazine feed lips) to continue. Once home from the range, the bolt carrier group must be removed from the receiver,  disassembled and detail cleaned. This is not spelled out in the literature, far from it. The user manual weaves a yarn about spraying out the action, but fails to mention with what.

Parts in the bolt (particularly the firing pin return spring) required modification and a thin washer added to the hammer spring strut to slightly increase striking force on the primers was found to be desirable. Attention to bolt carrier screws, bolt cover screws and the recoil spring guide rods, to include application of thread locker upon reassembly after cleaning is critical to ward off broken parts and assure function.

I recognize the critical weakness of the weapon is the folding stock. ISSC didn't put the beef into the clone that FN did with the real deal (SCAR). This more or less condemns the gun to be a range toy as opposed to a real "working gun".  In addition, there's just too damn many parts (read more to go wrong)! Finally, ISSCs' arrangements for service here in the US seem pretty spotty ( frankly, I think I'm being pretty gentle in my criticism on this point). Time will tell if there's much of a future for this weapon. I just enjoy mine enough to be willing to put up with the BS. 


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