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My Colt AA2000 & why it's collectable


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I have the standard 4.5" bbl & the ultra rare 3.75" optional barrel. (Try to find that one). It took me 9 months to get this barrel from Colt, who just wanted to refund my money.According to Colt only 80 short barrels were ever ordered so they decided to pull the offer. It took many months of threats to get my 3.75" barrel/bushing back in 1991 but here it is. It's a guaranteed collectible with both barrels. BTW, I tried it against every DA pistol we have and only the Para LDA had a lighter trigger pull. It's trigger is lighter than SIGs, HKs etc. But the trigger stroke is very long. Some folks talk crap about stuff they have no personal knowledge of.






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Yes, it has a rotary barrel locking system. It was designed by Reed Knight (co-designer of the AR-15) who licensed the mfg. rights to Colt who was looking for a polymer wondernine to get in on the craze. It was too little, too late and failed. Colt found they had to sell them at a loss to generate interest, gave up after a year of production and returned the tooling to Mr. Knight. It's short production run coupled with low production numbers + this 3.75" bbl. make this a sure BIG $ collectable for someone in the future.

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Oh wow ... I almost forgot about that pistol as well. I had all but decided to buy one and then a deal on a Beretta 92F fell in my lap and I opted for it instead. Hindsight is a killer sometimes!

Very nice piece Microgunner and a real nice touch with the optional barrel package!  :thumb:

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