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  1. DAMN Micro ... what a deal! Love the Model 41. :thumb:
  2. I am all over one of these pistols for a suppressor host! It uses the same SilencerCo Sparrow adaptor that the Walther uses ... barrels already threaded; BONUS!
  3. I've been receiving their daily deals for about a month now and they have put up some pretty good kit/gear on occasion ... picked up a Mesa Tactical Urbino stock for my Remmy 870 for a really good price!
  4. That rifle looks GREAT D ... especially that sexy lower! ;D
  5. I hear you on the lack of free time for range work ... spent all summer sprucing up my landscaping and finally finished the project this weekend. I enjoy shooting in the fall so it works out ... The XTC is pretty popular although your neighbors at the range won't like it ... dirty looks from port and starboard! ;D
  6. Nice looking SPR edgecrusher! :thumb: Is that a Rainier Arms XTC comp on the muzzle?
  7. You have got to love the internet ... sometimes there is as much misinformation on a subject as there is information. edgecrusher is spot on ... there is NO WAY that ATF can categorize a full-auto rated carrier as an NFA item. The heavier carrier cannot affect the function of the weapon in ANY way except to slow the cyclic rate down, due to extra weight. It is simply heavier at the rear of the bolt carrier due to being bolstered up to sustain the impact of full auto fire ... that's it, end of story. Use your M16 BCG to your hearts content Dusty44 ... I have one in every AR15 I own, except one that came with an old, undercut semi BCG from the factory. :thumb:
  8. Welcome to the club ... hope yours is as much of a "laser" as mine has been! Manners stock ... BALLER STATUS!!! :thumb: ATACS job would look SIKK! :grin:
  9. Got a chance to get the CZ out again yesterday and am ecstatic with the performance of this rifle! I was taking out clays at 100 with CCI sub-sonics and surpressed with no effort ... TOO much fun to shoot all morning with no ear pro!!! :thumb: I'll have to set up some paper and document my groups a little better next time. As it sits, I can't say enough good things about this rifle! ;D
  10. Love it Micro ... damn fine piece! :thumb:
  11. Spot on explanation 98Z5V! :thumb:
  12. HOLY GRIP TAPE ... my Shield looks naked compared to yours SU17! Nice work.
  13. My thoughts on the matter ... it's a great CC revolver! :thumb: Hindsight: I wish I had waited and bought the PD w/Hi-Viz sights instead of the SC but at the time the SC was the only model available.
  14. Outstanding work on the camo and parts config 98Z5V ... that rifle is SETUP and is SCREAMING for a can out front! I just finished my CZ452 and am now also hunting for the Mark II TRR-SR TB for my next project. In the meantime I just ordered a Boyds Tacticool for my CZ ... just couldn't leave it alone! ::) ~A Fellow Drew Enabler
  15. Thanks for the compliment and return welcome Micro ... I took a leave of absence from the web gun forums for a while but I'm back with a vengeance now. :grin:
  16. I finally bought a bolt-gun to host my SilencerCo Sparrow SS suppressor. As much as I like the Savage Mark II's I handled this CZ at my local dealer one day and fell in love with it! It's wearing a BKL Technologies mount holding a Vortex Diamondback 2-7x35RF and a Harris 6-9" S-BRM bipod.
  17. Form 4 AOW paperwork submitted 5/10 for my Serbu SS ... my wrist hurts already!
  18. The Colt Delta Elite comes to mind ... I still want one if I can find it in the right condition and price range. :thumb:
  19. WOW ... that GSG is SAWEEEEET! My SD only dreams about being suppressed! :thumb:
  20. Those M&P 22's are looking pretty damn good ... I need one with a threaded barrel! :thumb:
  21. Nice touch with the 30 Mike Mike displayed asmurff! "Bring on the spall!" :thumb:
  22. She's HAWT! I could think of a few uses for the Lasso of Truth! >:D
  23. I'm guessing we're referring to the M22, since we're in the handgun section? :confused: If so, I have been curious to hear some feedback on them.
  24. I feel your pain D ... it's raining so hard here that I can't even go to sleep at 2:45AM! It's going to be a long day at work today! >:(
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