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I wish there were more standard specs

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My house is loaded with guns.  I've had the passion since I was knee high to a grasshopper. 

My first rifle was a Browning .22lr lever action (wish I still had it).

I remember my Dad trusting me to buy a Walther PP when I was 13 years old.

Back in the '80's I bought an H&K Carbine.  I wish I could remember the model, I will later, but what a work of true art with a walnut stock that was just simply perfect

Now even though I have dozens of firearms, I can't understand why I love to shoot, handle, fondle, just grab the 'ole H&K 416.

I can see why some go to the S&W, even though made mostly of plastic, you can interchange regular AR parts.  There's not much we 416 owners can do to enhance or modify our toys, so here's the question;

How about some pictures and ideas of those who have jazzed up their rifles.

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I know what you mean, it is kind of frustrating that there is almost no add-ons available.  The only thing I have done is add some furniture and glass.  I'd really love to have a match grade barrel.  It is one of those guns that you should be able to be totally tricked out if someone wanted to spend the money!  So that being said, first on the wish list is a match grade barrel.  What would you add to the wish list?  Maybe someone at HK, Umarex or Walther monitors these discussions!!!!

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