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need cocking tube buffer

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You can always saunter into Home Depot and pick of up a tube of high-temp RTV sealant.  Pull the cocking rod and slather a generous amount onto the front end of the cocking rod and carefully shape it to match the diameter and let it harden.  You can build up "layers" to create a formidable depth of cushion, and trim it with a sharp x-acto blade.

To prove how durable the stuff is, ten years ago I applied some to the slot inside the operating rod of my Ruger Mini-14 to act as a spacer/buffer causing the resting force of the operating rod to be exerted on the bolt lug instead of the gas piston under the barrel (which is why OEM Mini-14's have erratic accuracy).  The gun immediately started delivering 2-3" consistent groups at 100 meters and the RTV is still there to this day...after who knows how many rounds, but even if and when it does "wear out" it's easy and inexpensive to replace.

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