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Black dog 15 rnd Questions


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I recently bought my first 15 rounder, steel lip, black, from black dog. have 3 25s that don't do this, but im having a bit of trouble with the magazine rattling around loosely in the magwell.

so the first questions i have are: has anyone else had this? will it fall out? and will it still feed correctly? Should i send it back?

The second is a little more complicated. it came with an extra black feeder(?) that has a few differences. notice the length and arms extending out to prevent it from being put in the magazine. So if any of you could  answer any of these questions it would be much appreciated. also, i see a furniture category, but has the owner/ admins ever considered a magazines category?


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The orange and black parts you are referring to are called followers.

I'm not at all positive but my guess would be that the orange follwer will allow 15 rounds to be loaded and the black follower would restrict the magazine to a 10 round capacity for possible competetion or other restrictions.

I think the magazine needs to be disassembled to install the black follower to prevent quick installation of the high capacity orange follower where and when restricted.

Time will tell about the mag well wobble.

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