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Just paid for a new GSG522pk

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  • 8 months later...

The PK is NICE...ultra short barrel which is really IDEAL for subsonic ammo!  The PK lacks threading inside the sight base which means you're looking at direct threading onto the .473" barrel, but any machinist worth his salt can easily turn out an adapter (assuming you haven't found one) that will screw onto the factory barrel and take a 1/2x28 thread sup unit.

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MY recommendation - for what it's worth, is to leave it in pistol configuration with a small "tension strap" added so you can "mount" the gun like a rifle and push forward against tension to gain stabilization for shooting.  Basically leave it alone as a pistol and learn to use sling tension as a sort of improvised stock.

This costs you NOTHING....and IF the SEHTF you can mount a full size, fixed stock with your PK front end and be ready to go....though a PK front end DEMANDS you also have a suppressor solution sitting on the shelf somewhere.

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