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Tactical Solution Barrels


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Interestingly there is little mention of this barrel anywhere. I wonder if it is discontinued.

I did find this http://www.1022racerifle.com/category/barrels/browning-buckmark-handgun-barrels/7-in-barrels/7-14-in-trail-lite-barrels-silver-flutes-black.php Maybe you can contact them for help

They have it, it is actually 7-1/4" inch, which would be why my searches all came up blank. Sadly it appears to only come with a threaded end in 4". I may have to reconsider, I was hoping for the 7+" with a threaded barrel so I could later add a supressor.

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Speed is what I need with the ability to hit 4-8 steel plates

Precision and my pistol shooting ability and precision doesn't compute  ::)

My Buckmark is the pistol I use in the Tactical 22 matches which is all about speed. However it is the one aspect I practice the least. In thinking about what I want to do with my tax refund, my thinking is moving to other areas, since I just need to practice more before I start buying fancy gear. Now a Tactical Solution's barrel for my 10/22 is an item of interest.

There as some other guns I want also, possibly a Mossberg 500 with the flex system or a S&W Governor.

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