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I've had enough of these price gouger's...and now its my turn.


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Around here there are folks that are deliberately raiding the LGS and retailers buying up stuff before it even hits the shelves preventing real shooters from making legitimate purchases, only to turn around and offer the guns the next day for sale in the local thrifty nickles, bank magazines, etc. at greatly increased prices.

Im fed up with this doucheness.

So now, if I find you doing this on a regular basis. I'm reporting you to the BATF for operating a unlicensed FFL, and straw-purchasing. May you rot in jail.

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Here in CT the hammer is about to fall, probably tomorrow. I gotta say for the most part guys on the local forums are being pretty decent as are the shops. I have been pretty impressed.

We do have a local dealer offering the new Colt 5.56/308 in CT legal form for $6800 dollars. Thats $4000 to have the stock pinned and the muzzle device welded on. They owe me one class III item and I will never call on them again.

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Fortunately at the several LGS's in my area the only prices that have risen is ammo and ALL that increase is due to the manufacturers price increases.  One even went so far as to post the letter they got on the wall in a blown up poster size.  It pissed off the ammo company when they found out but I say screw the ammo companies when they do this.

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