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Range Report Colt M4


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The weather turned fair and I had my chores done so I decided to take my little black gun out to the range for a shake down.  I'd had it out earlier, but it'd been a while and I really didn't get the chance to shoot it over distances.  So, I arrived at the range and there was no one else there.  I proceeded to lay out my own private shooting course with targets at 20 yds, 50 yds, and 100 yrds.  The Colt M4 .22lr fired the 36 gr hollow points just as fast as I decided I wanted to and she never heated up.  I was shooting at paper plates held to wire frames and was amazed what this little gun would do.  Never a miss feed or fail to fire.  Every single shot hit the 9" plate all the way out to 100 yds.  I was standing there with my mouth open, amazed!  I tried it from sitting, prone, and standing unsupported and had a great day.  Standing I was able to hit about 50%, unsupported, but sitting and prone I was able to hit well over 90%.  My first group of 15 shots was 100% accurate so I switched to a smaller spinner target that caused me to drop my hits to only 50% at 50 yds while standing unsupported.  I love this gun!  What a blast!

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