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10/22 Takedown...silver or black VQ trigger assembly and barrel band?

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Hi guys, I'm impatiently waiting for my 10/22 Takedown to arrive, and I'm thinking I'll go with the VQ trigger assembly...so what do you guys think, should I get it in black or silver to match the barrel and receiver?  I've got an aluminum barrel band coming so I can sand the black off it and make it silver if I go with a silver trigger?  Opinions?

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My only experience with Volquartsen is the two Volquartsen rifles I own, one in .22lr and one in .17HM2.

My opinion of Volquartsen is very high based on these two rifles.

I'd say that if the rest of the rifle will be silver then the trigger guard would probably look better in silver also.

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:beer:  Thanks Microgunner, that's what I was thinking too, I'll get the VQ trigger assembly

in silver, and take the black paint off the barrel band and make it silver as well...you rock bud!

Smurff, I'm going to kill paper targets with my 10/22 as well as rabbits and grouse...near my

home near the rockies is a couple of spots full of snowshoe hares and blue grouse.  My 10/22

is going to share hunting duties with my 20 gauge semi auto Weatherby SA-08.

Have an awesome weekend guys! :-D

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