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Big Bore


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We took one of those Sam Yang air rifles with a scuba tank and filler hose in on pawn once and it came out for sale.

It was truly impressive.

I was showing it to a customer and dry fired it upward to demonstrate how loud , and thus powerful, it was and the air pressure alone destroyed a suspended ceiling tile four or five feet above the muzzle.

It was actually kind of scary dealing with that amount of pressure in that skinny little light weight reservoir.

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Had a 50 cal dragon slayer air rifle. Only got about 3 full power shots on a fill. I wasn't that impressed for the amount of money I had in it so I sold it. I still have a sam yang 9mm gets a few more shots per fill, pretty loud. I like the 25 cals better, Samutras, M Rods, even have a 25 caliber Walther Magnum Springer. I kinda went overboard.


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Yeah, too many and that wasn't all of them. I gave at least a half dozen to my grandson. Mostly the 177's. I was hanging out at the GTA and the Yellow and deals kept popping up. I should trim it down some as they just don't get shot. It all comes down to I usually shoot at my club and if I'm going there I may as well bring the powder burners which I also have too many of.

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I bought the Sumatra 22 from this guy who also took a hog with it. Here is his video.

He has several videos of hog hunts with airguns. I'd just as soon use an AR 15 or LR308 and have the extra backup shots. These day you can buy a Ruger American in 308 cheaper than an Airgun.

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I don't hunt anymore but I support those that do and I like venison. I'm not against using an airgun to hunt but why use something that has minimal knock down power on something like a hog. Many of the big bore airguns don't give you more than 3 shots before you have to top off the tank so that means you have to carry around a small lightweight carbon tank for refilling (very expensive). Many people don't even like using a 223 for hog hunting and that has 4 to 5 times the knockdown power of an airgun. Clean quick kills are desired in any hunting situation. Rarely do you get these with an Airgun unless it is small game. Where hogs are hunted firearms are usually allowed and are preferred. Of course airguns are more complex and require much more tinkering than most firearms.

I had to ask myself why bother. With the scarcity of 22 ammo some are using AG's more to hunt small game, when it goes to medium size and large game I'd rather stick with powder burners. It just seems more humane.

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