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wrong magz what to do


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hello folks,

I'm new to the site and I'm in need of some advice hope you can help.

I recently bought a smith and Wesson m&p 22. so i thought i need more magazines right, one can never have enough, well i got some off of EBay, everything went smooth until i get them and there not what was advertised, so here is the problem, I'm in Ca legal limit is

10 Rd he sold me 12rd mags as 10 rd mags.

so usually more is better right? well a law abiding person that I am I let this person know what he did. He will refund my money but now I have to brake the law and send them USPS with tracking number. what do you all think is the right thing to do..... thanks in advance

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Wow, even if they are against the law for have the here in CA. Wow good to know.

(Stupid) California laws are state laws. The Postal Service is a federal agency, and while we are supposed to respect and uphold all laws, what we do is move, sort and deliver mail. We do not enforce state laws. Unless you insure a package, you do not have to identify the contents, (even then I would simply enter the manufacturer's part number, not a description), other than to say no when the clerk asks if it contains anything perishable, liquid or hazardous. If anyone is at fault it would be the seller that shipped a proscribed product into California.

Also welcome to the forum!

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