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Ready for Tactical Rimfire Match


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I spent part of the morning finishing the last stage of our Tactical Rimfire Match tomorrow. We'll have 3 stages, 1 I named Shoot and Scoot you have to rapidly change location 4 times, shooting targets during 2 of the moves.

As always we have are New Mexico Star (had to change the name NM law) which is always fun. Search YouTube for "Texas Star" if you want to see  how much fun.

Both of those stages we'll shoot with rifle, then pistol.

Last stage is a pistol only, designed to deal with a car jacking.

Truck is in the garage loaded up with all the gear.

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Had a great time! One of our stages had a portion where you had the shot 2 targets while moving from one barricade to another, the 12 year old made the rest of us look like stumble bums, he did it fluidly. By the time he is 15 or 16 he'll be kicking our butts.

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It's the way of nature.

The young ones challenging their elders in order to see who'll eventually run the show.

[move]It's good to be a part of the circle                                                                                                                                          It's good to be a part of the circle[/move]

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