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Winchester 42 Max Ammunition 22 Long Rifle 42 Grain Power-Point


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Just read that the M&P 15-22 comes in two flavors. Standard and Performance editions. The Performance rifle has a match chamber, and the owner's manual has specific recommendations and prohibitions for ammunition. There is a list of ammo not recommended for the standard version also. The 42 grain ammo is not mentioned, so I would suggest calling S&W.

From the owner's manual:

Please call Smith & Wesson Customer Service at 1-800-331-

0852 ext. 2905 if you have any questions regarding the recom-

mended ammunition and maintenance of your M&P15-22 rifle.


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The Colt has adjustments for standard and high velocity. If I remember correctly the manual specifies not to use hyper velocity ammo.

ya. thers that screw u adjust.  screw needs to be flushed with standard velocity and 3-5 full turns with HV. i have mines at 2 full turns, shot great with the CCi velocitors with Muzzle Velocity: 1435 feet per second. man, id really wanna try this on my colt, except.. its always sold out and i cant seem to find them in stores. my theory is that since the grain is a little bigger, it would slide in easier in the chamber ramp.. or how ever u want to call it. (not that i get plenty of jams) and the bullet is alot more stable when shooting 100- 200 yards.

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