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Thinking about a 10/22 build


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Hi Guys! As I get deeper into this 22 shooting stuff, and firearms in General. It would seem that my initial desire to play with 22's is well founded, not that I have not and will not be looking at other calibers and such....

  Any way, to get to the point I am one reach around to the wallet and dragging a card out away from ordering a 10/22 stock as a starting point!

Thought I would post a pic and get some thoughts and feed back!



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I like the bottom stock.

I like it too...but I ordered the top one! I spent several days looking at all the different laminated stocks, colors etc...wow there is a lot of hard choices. went with this shark stock, didn't seem to be a lot of pictures of guns built with these, and then choose the black/grey combo thinking if I ended up mixing any colors in, it would tie a black scope into any receiver, barrel, trigger group combination.

  This is probably going to be some what of a long term build. But going to try to learn, build a nice firearm that I hope has a lot of cool factor when its done and maybe even a few features that make it unique amongst all the other cookie cutter 10/22 laminated stock builds!

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